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Customize writing experience

Fine-tune your experience by minimizing or enriching it to match your needs. Customize the layout to your liking and choose what elements should be analyzed, marked, or highlighted.

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Use power of Wikis

Create detailed Wikis and seamlessly integrate them into your writing. Build entire worlds, characters, cities, and events, and collect all the lore you need for your stories. Never forget a detail again.

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AI-copilot and spellchecker

Advanced spellcheck in over 20 languages. And if you ever get stuck, our beta-version of AI-copilot will help you find your muse and write your text with ease.


Unleash the power of Wiki.

Create your own knowledge base, a Wikipedia of your own. Build and describe your characters, cities, planets, and entire universes with our advanced world-building tools.

Bring your book to life.

Create comprehensive characters, places, and events profiles, and build rich and detailed lore around the world you're creating.

Streamline your article research.

Easily save your investigations and facts in your Wikis and share them with your co-authors, allowing you to work together in parallel with the article text.

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Nesting of chapters.

Create sub-chapters, use the nesting to work on different text versions, notes, or even side stories. Choose and control what you want to share or publish, making it easy to keep your writing organized and on track.

Tailor your
writing experience

Easily show, hide, mark or customize anything in your text
to make your writing experience truly unique.


AI analysis.

Utilize advanced spellcheck in over 20 languages and get help from our AI-copilot if you ever get stuck and lose your muse.




Collaborate seamlessly with Writex.io. Share your writing with co-authors, editors, or publishers and enjoy Google-like real-time collaborative editing of any shared portion of your text.


Create a masterpiece.

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