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Customize your writing experience, build your Wikis, use power of static analysis to check readability and phonetic quality, use extremely advanced spell check for more than 20 languages, export your books. Write better.

Should help to get to the 🌔and back

Customize writing experience

Change layout, decide what should be analyzed, marked or shown. Minimize or enrich your experience.

Use power of Wiki

Create Wikis, mark definitions in your texts. Build characters, cities, describe events or anything else. Never forget anything.

Multiple text versions

Work on the draft, final, final-final or any other versions of your text at the same time. No need to remove text anymore.

Text analysis

Spell checks in more than 20 languages. Powered with AI that can make a readability check for target audience age and phonetic sounds.

Possible issue found

Punctuation and grammatical errors were found.

AI analysis.

Advanced spell check in more than 20 languages. Analysis of readability for you target audience. „Write Music“ analysis checking phonetic sounds. More to come.

Free tool with 🤖inside (not evil)

Wiki saved and analysed.

Everything interconnected.

Wiki power.

Create a knowledge base, your own Wikipedia. Build and describe your characters, cities, planets, universe.

Writing a novel?

Wiki will help you to work on characters, places and events.

Writing an article?

Save your investigations and facts in your Wiki.

Foreign language text?

Put all unknown words in Wiki and they will be marked in the text.

Text is precious.

Start from the spine. Add more versions and more details.

Multiple text versions.

Any amount of text versions at your fingertips. Don't delete anything ever! Your ideas and text are precious.

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your writing experience

Show. Hide. Mark. Anything.

Around the World in 80 Days

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Export to Medium or Epub

Export any version of your text to Medium if you're writing an article.
Or Epub for self-publishing.
Share, publish or just enjoy reading. Easier than ever.

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