Story and team.

Story is simple as nuclear physics ⚛️.

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Maxim Vetrenko

Hey! My name is Maxim and I'm an engineering manager and engineer based in Berlin. Nowadays I'm leading the development of multiple products at Just Eat Takeaway and prior to that I worked with companies and startups building their products and development culture.

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My passion is writing. As an engineer I got used to all services and useful tools that helping us to succeed. Unfortunately I'm missing all those tools as a writer. I decided to help the community of authors with my engineering experience and I've built


I did it in my spare time during one year, using the open sourced projects of engineering community and my own.

What I take very seriously?

Data privacy. HTTPS protocol everywhere and encryption on the database level.
Customers. Opinions and problems of customers who are using products that I've built.
Freedom. And freedom of choice.
Family. ❤️

Have something to share?

I'm thirsty for changes and improvements,
so any feedback is highly appreciated.